Matsui Single Malt Whisky Sakura Cask 0,7l, 48,0%

The Matsui Sakura Cask wurde in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible zum Japanese Single Malt Whisky of the Year gekürt.

Ein Auszug aus seiner Bewertung:

Freshly peeled grapefruit blends effortlessly with vanilla led oak. A young malty character keeps an aloof distance. The sugars are a subtle mix of grist and icing sugar. Is it the cherry wood giving delicate phenolic note…? 

The surprising oiliness works wonders in holding together and then extending the complexity. You half fancy that there is a light phenol note on the loose here.
And you are convinced that there is barley concentrate at work. Also you are pretty sure the sugars range from delicate muscovado to thin orange blossom honey. But there are no statements. Just teasing hints and whispers…

Those brilliant oils just keep on going. And the spices rise like the moon and glows above all. The fade is one of a tannin-barley combination.

Forget about discreet sips. Take healthy mouthfuls and chew and allow the splendour of the complexity, complete with those mysterious hints of phenol, to unravel on your tantalised taste buds. So gentle. So genteel… Yet so understatedly enormous...yet so sprightly. A treat and a paradox of a whisky. 48%

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